C.J. Watson flops, gives J.J. Barea “a dose of his own medicine” (VIDEO)

The NBA's new flopping policies have worked pretty well (if only because we can now focus on agreed-upon offenders instead of freaking out over a vague threat to the league's integrity). Nevertheless, players still flop, and many of them see it as an occasionally necessary part of winning games.

Take, for instance, Brooklyn Nets guard C.J. Watson, who executed a pretty egregious flop on Minnesota Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea during the fourth quarter of Wednesday night's 91-83 win. With just over nine minutes on the clock, Watson took a slight shoulder bump from Barea and turned it into a case of assault, falling to the floor and earning his team a turnover.

It was notable in part because Barea is one of the league's most notable floppers in his own right. After the game, Watson even admitted that he flopped in part to give Barea "a dose of his own medicine."

Check out that video interview after the jump (via TBJ and The Brooklyn Game).

It is a little hard to believe that someone would flop out of some strong distaste for the flopping of another player, because that's a concept of justice we mostly left behind close to 4000 years ago. It's likely that Watson would have flopped against another player, too, because, again, it helped the Nets win. He did it because it's a useful play, not because he hates Barea.

However, it is fairly likely that Watson wouldn't have admitted he flopped if the play hadn't involved Barea. It's a lot easier to rationalize a flop if the victim is often guilty of the same crime.