C-a-C: Feed giraffes (like a Bosh), love and nurture (like a Bosh)

It's important to note that there's a tacitly legitimate reason why this picture happened. Chris Bosh(notes) is in a "Got Milk?" ad with a baby giraffe, and he "unveiled" said ad in Los Angeles on Thursday. OK. Fair enough. Totally reasonable and understandable.

That said: It is very, very important to me that you seize this opportunity to make jokes about Chris Bosh, giraffes, the "Like a Bosh" video, milk, advertising or any/all of the above. This picture is unquestionably great, you guys. Let's submit captions worthy of its greatness.

Best caption wins the chance to get milk-faced and hum like rabbits. Good luck.

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Winner, Russell S: Utah Jazz tickets: The only way Jerry Sloan could get those damned kids off his lawn.

Runner-up, Solid as Iraq: Showing that he can still be a valuable member of the community, Gordon Hayward(notes) (right) shows his lighter side by dressing as a Boy Scout while taking a group of Boy Scouts to a Jazz game.

Second runner-up, notjames116: Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018-19 Indiana Pacers!