Nets coach Jason Kidd, while not coaching, leaves Summer League game to take phone call (Video)

We should tread lightly here – Jason Kidd is a father and there’s a very real chance that this was a call he needed to take – but in the interim we’re all allowed to give a big “really?” to the Brooklyn Nets rookie head coach. Kidd, who was hired by Brooklyn just days after retiring from the NBA last month, appeared to leave the arena to take a phone call in the midst of his team’s Summer League game on Thursday.

Via Ben Golliver, take a look:

We should mention that Kidd was not coaching the team at the time, assistant Eric Hughes was leading the Nets while they were down 17-2 to the Houston Rockets. Even with rookie head coaches on the staff, assistant coaches take the lead for most Summer League contests. And, again, that could have been a call that he really needed to take, though we’re not sure why he’s checking his phone during observation of a game to begin with.

Still, Kidd had an inauspicious debut earlier this week, and this is a man with absolutely no head or assistant coaching experience. Kidd’s basketball smarts have always been held in high regard, but he’s about to take over the NBA’s most expensive team, with a short window to win. Regardless of the phone call incident, shouldn’t he be the one, and not Hughes, to be leading the Nets? Boning up on all the silly stuff (right down to the amount of timeouts, or referee interaction) that will matter a great deal come October?

I guess we’ll let 2013-14 be the judge of that. Get here soon, NBA games that actually count.

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