Breaking news: LeBron James is good at passing

You'd be forgiven for not having paid super close attention to the second half of the Miami Heat's historic Game 2 beatdown of the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday evening. A game that was already starting to get out of hand late in the second, as Miami opened up a 14-point lead, quickly became a total laugher in the early stages of the third quarter and devolved from there into a game that Miami led at one point by 46 points. No judge in the land would convict you for choosing to flip around some.

If you did, though, here's something you missed: LeBron James decided to start dealing midway through the third, providing magnificent service to Dwyane Wade:

... and Ray Allen:

... and Chris Andersen, the Heat's famed "Birdman" and terrifying pushup enthusiast:

James finished with nine assists in 32 1/2 minutes on Wednesday, which paired nicely with his 19 points and five rebounds to remind us that he can control a game even when not piling up the points and that even blowouts can offer awesome moments worth watching.

And in the spirit of "awesome moments worth watching," let's leave you with this James-to-Wade dime from the second quarter, which is less notable for the hookup itself than for its aftermath:

That's some good excitement, Heat fan. If only all Miami backers practiced such positivity.