Blake Griffin highlights, ‘NBA Jam’-style (VIDEO)

It's a cliche to say that great athletes are capable of feats better suited for video games. For many reasons, that idea no longer makes much sense. But the idea remains anyway, because in some cases it's the only way to give a sense of what it's like to watch an unbelievable athlete do his thing. It doesn't even seem real, so it must be virtual.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is one of those players. So, in an inspired mashup, the video wizards at SB Nation added graphics and sound effects from the old version of "NBA Jam" to some of Griffin's best dunks of this season. Make sure you watch until the end, because that's when Griffin actually defies the laws of physics.

All the clip is missing, really, is a random halftime appearance from Horace Grant and indiscriminate pushing with no fouls. Flops don't work so well when fouls don't exist, Blake.