Is Blake Griffin in the dunk contest?

There are a lot of threads to this scoop, but it appears as if the minds behind the Get Banged On blog (via Skeets, via @milisimic) have let the cat out of the bag regarding Blake Griffin's(notes) potential appearance in this year's Slam Dunk Contest.

Get Banged On found a "DO NOT PUBLISH" video on, since taken down, that appears to show TNT's Reggie Miller interviewing various Los Angeles Clippers about Griffin's entrance into the dunk contest.

There's been some conjecture as to whether or not Griffin would be included in the NBA's mid-season sometimes-classic, but with Griffin's openness to appearing in the competition and way he's already set the league on fire with his various throwdowns, this has to be warming news to all involved.

Even if the NBA doesn't want you to know about it, yet.

Get Banged On was kind enough to rip and share the original video, since removed: