Ball Don’t Lie Hump Day Chat!

This is Tree Rollins stretching out before a home contest between his Atlanta Hawks, and the visiting Los Angeles Lakers, from back in 1987.

And, yes, we're stretching this post out. Because it's the ruddy lockout, there is precious little going on, the NBA and its players refuse to negotiate, and things aren't looking bright for the 2011-12 season. Even for the football version, which I believe ends sometime in mid-March in this era.

And, again, we're stretching this post out.

This is a post, actually, because it's being cobbled together in order to announce the latest edition of Ball Don't Lie's Hump Day Chat!, which will spark off around 3 p.m., Eastern time today.

So click the jump, around that time, and we'll chat about whatever strikes your fancy. If there isn't enough fodder to make it the full hour, no worries, we may have to cut it short anyone due to some in-house work that needs attending to.

And if your question or comment doesn't show up right away, don't worry (or blast us). We moderate every comment or question, but we also try to answer all that aren't redundant, or profane.

See you then.