Andrew Bynum enjoys a nice afternoon in the gym, getting hit

Lakers center Andrew Bynum has come a long way since hoisting a Playboy model onto his shoulders while "rehabbing" two years ago. And though everyone seemed to frown on that little misadventure, he's taken up a diversion that might be all the more beneficial for his attempts at staying in shape, but potentially a hundred thousand times more damning for his dodgy knees.

He's taken up boxing. With famed fighting trainer Freddie Roach. With a knee brace on. This is the sound of me gritting my teeth. Please be careful, Andrew.

Here's a picture from his Twitter account, sent out on Sunday:


If it weren't for the knees, what's the problem? It's notoriously tough for big men to stay in shape when they're not asked to run up and down a court consistently (not that AB has ever done that, but still ...) during training camps, shootarounds, practices, regular and potentially playoff games from October to spring or even summer. And now that players have been locked out of team training facilities between now and, well, spring or even summer? You can probably use all the training you can get, even if it was just for a showy one-off at a gym just as a goof.

And though Bynum's knee problems have had less to do with wear and tear and more to do with bad luck, hard falls, and people tripping into him, it still has me a bit squeamish. Even for just, again, a showy one-off at a gym just as a goof.

But we applaud the sweaty brow, in July, Andrew. Stay safe, stay cut. Stay low, kid. Stay low. He's a tiger.