Andrei Kirilenko's love for cheetahs knows no bounds (Photo)

Ben Rohrbach
Dogs may be man's best friend, but cheetahs are Andrei Kirilenko's true love. (Instagram)

As the calendar turns from July to August and the doldrums of another NBA summer continue, never fear — Andrei Kirilenko is here, with a cheetah, to brighten your days before the FIBA World Cup brings meaningful basketball back into our lives.

As brought to our attention by The Brooklyn Game, the 33-year-old Nets forward posted a picture from his Basketball Without Borders tour across Africa on Instagram, declaring, "I am in love with cheetahs."

Kirilenko is one of 10 NBA representatives — including Greg Monroe, who would be wise to stay away from big carnivorous cats as an unsigned restricted free agent — scheduled to attend the league's global development program in Johannesburg from Aug. 5-8. The others' affection for cheetahs is unknown.

Of course, Kirilenko's love of cheetahs makes all the sense in the world. Long and lean and fleet of foot with a mean mane, AK-47 has a relationship with large felines rivaled only by Ed Helms in the "Hangover."

Of course, Kirilenko has pledged his love for animals on Instagram before — declaring a stingray his good friend, the Jazz Bear his favorite mascot and a rhinoceros among his favorite works of art — so let's hope the aforementioned cheetah is as forgiving as his wife when it comes to the ways of the heart.

P.S. Kirilenko's Instagram account is legit mesmerizing.