Adam Aron, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, is trying to find his team’s new PA announcer on Twitter

New'ish Philadelphia 76ers co-owner and CEO Adam Aron loves to interact with fans, and like a lot of us, he's all full of the Twitter these days. So as he launched a search for the next 76ers public address announcer, Aron decided to take to Twitter to make his announcement. His public address announcer announcement. All applicants will have to be better with words than I am. Here's the Twitter he took to:

The eventual hire would be, judging by this press release from 2011, the third PA announcer to man that mic since Aron took over his gig with the 76ers last year, so all applicants must be warned that he apparently is pretty particular about his PAs, pals. Or that former PA Tom Lamaine might be moving on to a less stressful gig after 40 years of working in and around Philadelphia sports teams. And, by extension, Philadelphia sports fans that tend to shout rude things in arenas. Just our guess.

And we're guessing, to the nearly 21,000 Twitter followers of Aron's that might want to apply, that you best get your giggling at Philly's likely starting lineup out of the way now, during the offseason, and before you have to actually scream "at center, number fifty-four, Kwame Brown! And at power forward, double zero, Spencer Hawes!" Because we're laughing out loud just typing that out.

Give us a second.

Still laughing.

As soon as we're done giggling, we'll remind that no PA will ever be able to top the late, and much-missed, Dave Zinkoff. Dig his, and Julius ERrrrrrrving's work, here:

(Tip of the mic to Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones for finding all of this.)

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