Yes, Jeff Gordon wasn’t behind the wheel for most of that video

Earlier Thursday we showed you the Jeff Gordon's test drive video in which he goes undercover and scares the bejeezus out of a used car salesman. And now we can indeed confirm from the four-time Cup champ himself that it was a stunt driver behind the wheel for the debauchery.

Gordon was in Kansas City as part of a partnership with a Harvesters, a local food bank, Kansas Speedway and his sponsor AARP's Drive to End Hunger to start a virtual food drive, so we had the opportunity to chat with him about it.

We got on the topic of the commercial after asking Gordon the From the Marbles' staple question of "Who would drive your getaway car if you robbed a bank (hypotethically, of course)?" After some thought and bringing up Jimmie Johnson as an obvious choice, the topic turned to the video as the stunt driver from it was considered.

"Yeah, I drove it out of the lot but my time, I only have so much -- to do all those stunts, they need two days to do that stuff," Gordon said. "So if I had more time I would have loved to have done it. And I feel like I could have done most of it, but some of those spins into a space, those get pretty challenging. But they're time consuming, I think everybody knows you've got to have stunt drivers in those instances."

So there you have it. Mystery solved!

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