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Chase Prospects: Can Tony Stewart turn around his season?
Chase Prospects: Can Tony Stewart turn around his season?

The NASCAR season is down to its final two races, and we've got one of the two competitors for the championship on the 'cast. Tony Stewart, two-time champ, joined us today, and topics included:

• Whether he's in the head of Carl Edwards, the one guy who's still ahead of him in the standings, and what he saw in Edwards' eyes when they talked after Stewart's win in Texas on Sunday;

• How, in his younger days, he convinced the suits at former sponsor Home Depot to loosen up and let him show up to an appearance without shaving once in awhile;

• Whether he runs better when he's got his back against the wall, angry at everyone around him;

• What television series he'd most like to star in after his appearance in "The Glades";

• Why he thinks Danica Patrick, who will drive for his team next year, will be a success on the NASCAR circuit;

• His involvement with Coca-Cola's Arctic Home charitable effort, which aims to protect the vanishing habitat of polar bears. Every Coke can, as well as the top of Stewart's car, will be dyed white to draw attention to the cause, or you can go to to learn more.

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