Win a NASCAR Day pin courtesy of Lowes and The Marbles!

Friday is NASCAR Day, and The NASCAR Foundation and Lowes Foods are spreading the word.

As you might know, the NASCAR Day charitable celebration has, for the past six years, supported efforts at Victory Junction and in various children's hospitals. It's a great cause, and Lowes Foods is making a donation on behalf of The Marbles to pick up five pins to give to you lucky stiffs. (If you happen to shop at Lowes, they're offering some bigger contests; check that stuff here.)

So since this one's upon us, we'll do this one-up quick-like. Here's the deal. Let's see how pervasive NASCAR stuff is in this world. I want you to send in photos of whatever NASCARiana you can find. And we'll give away five pins to five lucky winners. They'll break down in this fashion:

• The first three people to email me THREE different photos featuring NASCAR drivers/cars displayed on stuff — like the Kyle Busch display there — will win a pin. The catch: In order to give everyone a chance to read this, you must send your photo AFTER 3 p.m. ET on Friday, May 21. So hit your local grocery store and snap away.

• One person who sends in a photo of the coolest bit of NASCARiana will win a pin. This could be a genuine car part, a signed body part, or a die-cast car at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Whichever. And yes, "cool" is in the judges' discretion.

• One person who sends in a photo of the most obscure NASCAR driver memorabilia will win a prize. Got a Pizza Hut box with Hut Stricklin on it? That'd probably win.

If you're sending in something for the latter two categories, you can fire those right off. But for the first category, remember — wait until Friday at 3. Send all entries to All usual rules apply — no whining, no complaining, no protesting, judge's decisions are final.

Now, get to it! It's for a good cause!