Whoops: ESPN announcer forgets colleagues’ names

Sometimes, the loneliest place on earth is in front of a national television audience. Poor Marty Reid, having a brain synapse misfire at the worst possible time.

Just before Saturday's Nationwide race, he was introducing co-hosts Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree, only he forgot their names. Now, it's not like this crew is new to one another; Reid has worked at ESPN for decades, and both Jarrett and Petree joined up when the network began its latest stint of NASCAR coverage starting in 2007. Still, these things do happen, and the best thing to do is just keep calm, carry on ... and hope some nitwit on the Internet doesn't mock you for it.

Good thing we don't make those kinds of mistakes here at ... at ... what's the name of this place again? Big ol' purple Y!, I know who you are ...