What's it like to ride along with Juan Pablo Montoya? Hold on tight

OK, we see these drivers running in circles every week, but what's it really like behind the wheel with one of them? Ben Wojdyla, a writer for Jalopnik, got a chance to find out, taking a spin with Juan Pablo Montoya at the Lutz Ring, and hoo boy, is it a trip:

When a guy like Juan Pablo is at the wheel, you're fighting for breath. He's fearless. After one get-to-know-you lap, he lets loose with a nearly creepy combination of God-like skill and Jedi-like concentration. No corner is ever fast enough, there's no such thing as a perfect line. You're just there as a witness to his obsession, if you black out in pursuit of speed, so be it. The things this guy does with a car make you question established scientific fact. Gravity, coefficient of friction, inertia, these are only speedbumps in his quest for a quicker lap time.

Ah, but those are just words. Let's go to the video:

Yeah, uh ... that looks kind of cool. And that's when Montoya is calm. Imagine how it is when he's losing his mind, which happens almost every Sunday.

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