'We're not saying Kyle Busch should be fed to a velociraptor...'

[WARNING: Satire/absurdity alert. If you're one of those humorless types who wants nothing more than to gripe about how NASCAR's not like the good ol' days, skip this post and wait for the next one.]

Dinosaurs. Racing. Both cool on their own ... but how cool would they be together? Adam Jacobi and Join Bois, a couple writers at SB Nation, consider the idea of Dinosaur Racecars with one of the most ridiculously funny posts you'll read this offseason. Consider this exchange:

Bois: We already have NASCAR, F1 racing, rally racing...the list goes on. Is there really a market for yet another motorsport?

Jacobi: [Dinosaur racing]'s not just "another motorsport;" it's an evolution, if you will, of all motorsport. For example, you're a fan of natural science, yes? Which includes geology, magnets, and the food chain.

Bois (laughs): Certainly! Who isn't?

Jacobi: So, if Kyle Busch and a dinosaur had to fight each other because they were hungry and they wanted to get into the racecar, the dinosaur would certainly kill Busch and eat him as food, then use the racecar. Now, we're not saying that Kyle Busch should be fed to a velociraptor or anything. But certainly the dinosaur has a greater right to the racecar than a human.

Bois: Might makes right. I can respect that.

As can we. Check out the full article right here. It makes at least as much sense as, say, changing a points system four weeks before the start of the season.

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