Watch out, UT! Austin F1 race to be held in November 2012

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said that the F1 race at the Circuit of the Americas near Austin, TX will be held in November 2012 instead of the initially planned June race date.


The original plan was to run the race back-to-back with the Canadian GP in mid season, but Ecclestone said that memories of the Dallas race in 1984, when temperatures over 100 degrees caused the track surface to break up, show that a late season race, likely twinned with Brazil, is more workable.

Logistically and weather seasonally, it makes sense. But what also happens in the fall and is pretty monstrous in the state of Texas?

Oh yeah, college football.

Yes, college games are on Saturdays and the fall Cup race has done well in Fort Worth on NFL Sundays in November. But this is Austin, home of perhaps the most powerful university in the country. This race can't be held on a University of Texas home football weekend.

And besides, even if Texas is on the road, how many people from the area could F1 reasonably expect to get? If you're a die-hard Texas football fan, would you rather watch a crucial game in Stillwater or Lubbock or go to F1 qualifying and sit to through the rumored potential eight hour traffic delays?

As I've said before, I refuse to believe this race is happening until it actually happens, construction and planning notwithstanding. And now, I'm even more intrigued at the idea that Ecclestone and F1 really think that competing with the behemoth that is Big XII (or Pac-16, or SEC, or whatever the college football landscape looks like next year) football is a good idea.

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