Watch Justin Allgaier win at Montreal amidst all the craziness

Yes, Danica Patrick's run-in with a shoe may go down as the most memorable event of Saturday's Nationwide race at Montreal, but the rest of the race was pretty wild as well.

Justin Allgaier passed Jacques Villeneuve for the race lead on the final lap after getting into Villeneuve's back bumper. It initially looked that Villeneuve was out of gas -- the race had been extended six laps thanks to a second attempt at a green white-checker attempt and Villeneuve was trying to make it over 40 laps on a tank of fuel.

For many, it felt like just desserts for Villeneuve, who has been become known for his, shall we say, aggressive driving style in the Nationwide Series. Heck, earlier in the race, he dumped fellow Canadian Alex Tagliani. And that contact was juuuuuuust a tad more prolonged than the contact with Allgaier. (A few laps earlier, Tagliani hit Villeneuve's back bumper when he went for the lead in turns one and two.)

So, yeah, Montreal didn't disappoint again. Wouldn't you like to see the Cup Series race here?

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