Want to see a race car almost hit a kangaroo? Of course you do

So this is fun -- driver Garth Tander is running at the Bathurst 1000 in Australia when all of a sudden THERE'S A FREAKING KANGAROO ON THE TRACK! LOOK OUT, GARTH!

Really not much more we can add to this one, except to say that the introduction of wildlife always makes races that much more interesting. And this apparently wasn't the first time ol' Skippy has ventured onto the track; here he nearly caused a pileup in 2007, and here he ... well, he wasn't quite so lucky. (Warning: animal carnage.)

So on the plus side, Skippy survived. However, he's going to need a much better pit crew if he hopes to challenge Jimmie Johnson.

Hat tip: Break.com, which has plenty more like this, if that's your thing.

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