You want 'back to roots'? Bristol's going WAY back

Check that little moonshine bottle there at right. Friends, that's not just any moonshine bottle, the kind that'll get the revenuers coming for a closer look at that little still you've got going up in the mountains. No, that's the souvenir cup from this coming weekend's Food City 500 at Bristol. Genius, huh?

The Bristol folks continue to impress when it comes to innovating NASCAR races, and ironically enough, they're one of the few tracks that doesn't have to. People come from all over the country to hit Thunder Valley for Bristol races.

But Bristol's not taking that attention for granted, and there's a lesson to be learned from that. Between this, the Friday night Wii boxing matches, the new driver intros, and all kinds of other wackiness, Bristol is setting a high standard that quite a few other tracks would do well to imitate.

Oh, but back to the moonshine bottles here. These are awesome, and I fully expect Junior Johnson to stash about three cases' worth in his trunk. Nobody tell him they're legal!

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