Video: The New Year's Eve snowmobile jump that's not to be

Red Bull has started an unofficial New Year's Eve tradition of ridiculous stunts, sending lunatic daredevils on death-defying leaps. In 2008, Robbie Maddison cycled up onto, and then off of, the Arc de Triomphe in Vegas, and last year, future NASCAR driver Travis Pastrana jumped 269 feet in his rally car in Long Beach, Calif.

This year was to be no different, with snowmobile racer Levi LaVallee attempting a world-record leap in a snowmobile in San Diego, to be broadcast live on ESPN. Alas, it's not to be, as LaVallee injured himself and won't be able to jump. (He'll be fine, thanks for asking.)

However, LaVallee -- who once performed a double backflip in a snowmobile, and is the 2008 Winter X Games 12's top athlete -- did pull off a record-breaking jump in practice. Check this 361-foot leap, which cleared the previous best by almost 60 feet:

Shame we won't be able to see that live. Unless, of course, one of you wants to step up and take Levi's place. Any takers?

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