Video: Kids, don’t try to jump over moving race cars

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

There are certain things you really shouldn't have to tell people over the age of five, and you'd think "don't try to jump over a moving race car" fits into that category. Clearly, however, this particular fan needed a reminder ... and boy, did he get one.

The details: the driver is Sebastien Buemi, the locale is Japan for a Red Bull F1 exhibition. The idiot jumper is ... well, nobody knows who he is. Fortunately, he survived; the car was only going about 30 mph.

Buemi had no comment on the matter. For this jumper, or anyone else still thinking this is a good idea, may we direct you to this video of Jeff Burton absolutely vaporizing birds that couldn't get out of the way in time? Yeah, don't try this.

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