VIDEO: Austin Dillon clips tire on pit road in Indy Nationwide race

Some tire backspin saved a potentially hazardous situation in the pits during Saturday's Nationwide race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

A tire got away from Johanna Long's pit stall, and Austin Dillon, who was driving past, slid and swerved to try to avoid it on Indy's narrow pit road. He just nicked it, but that sent the tire off of the outside pit lane retaining wall.

At a lot of other bigger tracks, the tire would have harmlessly bounced towards the infield, but since the Indianapolis pit lane is sandwiched between two concrete walls, the tire ricocheted back towards crews making pit stops. But just like a PGA pro's wedge shot, the tire thankfully checked up as soon as it landed back in the middle of pit lane and came to a stop.

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