When victory lap celebrations go horribly wrong

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Properly executed, the victory lap celebration is a thing of beauty. Witness Carl Edwards' flips, Kyle Busch's bows, Kurt Busch's backwards drive, Kevin Harvick's masterful burnouts ... all are miniature works of performance art. But you need to be careful about your victory lap, as Daniel Morad, the winner of this year's DD2 Rotax World Karting Championship in La Conca, Italy learned to his dismay:

Whoops. Kind of takes the shine off your big victory, doesn't it? (Full writeup of the race, wreck included, is here. Morad didn't hurt anything but his pride.)

Always remember, kids: gloating feels good, but when you embarrass yourself doing it, it's so much more fun for everyone else.

[Hat tip: Jalopnik]

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