What we’ve all been waiting for: Danica Patrick’s starring role in a music video

Do you like autotuned country songs featuring Danica Patrick in the music video? You have hit the jackpot.

The full video of Colt Ford's "Drivin' Around Song" was released Thursday, and Patrick and boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. play prominent roles. Well, Patrick more so than Stenhouse.

Stenhouse is a mechanic at an auto repair shop, who is apparently working on Patrick's car. And then she grabs a golf cart and the video goes from there.

And if you were wondering, no Colt Ford is not Colt Ford's real name. He's actually Jason Farris Brown, and he was once a professional golfer. In a 2010 interview with ESPN, he said "I hate when people label me as a country rapper."

"I'm just singing country music in my own way. I'm a normal dude. I shop at Wal-Mart."

Ford wrote Dirt Road Anthem, made famous by Jason Aldean, who's featured in Drivin' Around Song.

As for Patrick and Stenhouse in real life, Wednesday was Stenhouse's birthday and he and Patrick played 36 holes at Pinehurst.