Two drivers tussled at the Chili Bowl Saturday night

Shane Cottle was determined to find Brad Kuhn Saturday night.

Kuhn and Cottle got together on the track in the final lap of the second B Main at the Chili Bowl. As Cottle emerged angrily from his wrecked race car, he sprinted back to the pit area to look for Kuhn. And he found him.

Neither driver qualified for the A Main, and as you can see, the fight was quickly stifled by the presence of a lot of onlookers and peacemakers. And given Cottle's anger, Kuhn had to think it was coming. (Also, a friendly tip. Please always use landscape mode when taking videos on your phone. Why does portrait happen so often?)

Bryan Clauson won the A Main Saturday night, snapping Kevin Swindell's four-race win streak in the famed indoor midget car race in Tulsa, Okla.

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