Two drivers injured in practices for X Games RallyCross event

Practicing for RallyCross during this summer's X Games is proving to be a very dangerous, uh, practice.

The RallyCross track in Los Angeles has received lots of publicity for its life-size orange Hot Wheels loop, but two drivers have been taken to the hospital after crashes that didn't involve the loop. (The loop was used for a world record stunt Saturday. It's not part of the regular course.)

On Friday, Toomas Hekkinen (in the video above) was making a ramp jump and wasn't carrying enough speed. Because of that, his car crashed head on into the landing ramp and landed on the ground below upside down. Hekkinen fractured his left ankle.

Saturday, Marcus Grönholm was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital after crashing. Grönholm had safely navigated a ramp jump and looked to be arcing out for the next turn and hit the base of a lightpole with the left-front side of his car. According to X Games officials, Grönholm is awake and alert and was undergoing further tests.

The X Games event is the third of five on the 2012 Global RallyCross schedule.

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