Would you trust this man to get you to the airport on time?

So since being a NASCAR driver apparently doesn't pay enough, Tony Stewart picked up a few extra coins on Wednesday by running a street-legal Mobil #14 Chevy as a cab. He picked up passengers at the MGM Grand, starting with David Copperfield there above.

Nice gesture, right? And one cabbie tweeted in jest that "If Tony Stewart crosses my path out there I'm gonna put him in the wall." (He had to explain that it was in jest, since apparently not everyone has seen "Days of Thunder." I know, weird, right?)

Stewart can only hope to have picked up a few tips from the cabbies, as Las Vegas remains the only track on the Sprint Cup circuit (newcomer Kentucky excepted) where Stewart is yet to record a victory.

If that changes this weekend, it could be due to ... magic. Or maybe just good driving.

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