From the track: the latest news @ Bristol Motor Speedway

Friday is Media Day at the track, and so we're bringing you the news and notes from all the day's press conferences at Bristol. Check back often today to keep up with the latest.

• Kyle and Kurt Busch are a tough combo at Bristol. Kurt got his first win at Bristol, and is currently tied with Jeff Gordon for the most wins at the track among active drivers with five. Kyle has three wins at Bristol, including a 2009 sweep.

• The Nationwide Series returns Saturday afternoon at 2:30 after a two-week hiatus for the Scotts Turf Builder 300. Five of the top 10 drivers are former champions -- Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Brian Vickers, and Kevin Harvick. Oh, and Brad Keselowski will be there too, which will certainly not be mentioned at all.

10:10 a.m.: Scott Speed made his first-ever prerace media room appearance (they're traditionally reserved for drivers in the top 12), and he didn't disappoint. He's rocking a new teal hairdo (photo by @bobpockrass) courtesy of a Twitter vote, and he had this to say on the Edwards-Keselowski battle: "I half expect them to hug and call it even."

10:13: Scott Speed is realistic about his fast start. Yes he's happy to be in the top 12, but he acknowledges he probably won't stay there long. Still, being there now shows the progress he's made.

10:32: Clint Bowyer wasn't even aware that Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski were to have a sit down with NASCAR this weekend at Bristol. So what does he think will come out of the meeting?

"A big hug, enjoyment, satisfaction and big smiles. ... I definitely think everybody is going to be watched much more. ... I don't think you'll see any more problems there. That was pretty scary there."

10:48: The line of questioning continues, with the Brad Keselowski-Carl Edwards meeting at the top of the list. What's Jeff Burton's take?

"I expect they'll come out off there understanding that they're not in charge, NASCAR is."

Race hard, but work together, Burton said the message will be.

10:50: Burton says he thinks the wing could have worked, saying the reason he believes it's changing to the spoiler is because of the look.

10:52: Burton says the sport polices itself. How? Because you know that if you spin someone out, at some point it's going to come back to you.

When something "catastrophic" happens, NASCAR needs to step in. But until then, it's up to drivers to police the track, Burton said.

10:58: This was interesting -- Burton said NASCAR should consider a driver's history when doling out penalties. If they're a model citizen, they shouldn't be treated as harshly. However, the day NASCAR makes a decision based on popularity will be the day Burton walks away from the sport, because then he won't feel like he has a fair shot.

11:05: Mark Martin said the Keselowski-Edwards meeting is a procedure, nothing more. Keselowski and Edwards already know the message - that they have to get along.

"There's a degree of over-sensationalizing what happened. It was a bad accident. It was something that wasn't intended. Since then, it was over-sensationalized because the accident was worse than what was intended."

11:11: Martin -- "When they said have at it boys, I thought they meant take care of it when you step out of the car on pit road. They were pretty open, but that’s their way of bringing in interest and drama into – infusing excitement into the sport. For me, it didn’t mean anything … because I was already having at it. And I’m still having at it."

11:20: Wednesday on "Bubba The Love Sponge" radio show, Kevin Harvick had this to say about Carl Edwards: "I'll be honest with you, I'm not a huge Carl Edwards fan. I think he's fake as hell."

Friday, he didn't back down from his comments.

"You can't be the nice guy, you can't be the bad guy and you can't be the bully. That's just how I feel about that," Harvick said.

If you recall, Edwards and Harvick have had issues in the past ...

11:20: Apparently, Greg Biffle doesn't know Carl Edwards all that well.

"Carl lives in Missouri," Biffle explained. "I'm not going to Missouri anytime soon and he's not coming to Mooresville. ... On a personal note, I don't know Carl a lot more than being in team meetings with him and doing Christmas party functions. He seems fine to me. But I'm not with him all the time. I don't know what to say."

11:45: A 90-minute Sprint Cup practice session begins at Noon ET.

12:20: Think the track is slick? Already, Kyle Busch, Bobby Labonte and Jimmie Johnson have spun. Busch and Johnson didn't suffer any damage; Labonte will have to go to a backup car.

• 1:35: Tony Stewart has very little patience for the entire Edwards-Harvick-Keselowski business. "You guys worry about the soap opera stuff. I'm worried about how to make my car go faster at Bristol. I'm not worried about the soap opera and drama that is the NASCAR media center."

• 1:45: The new design of Bristol allows for two lanes' worth of driving, and Stewart, for one, believes that's going to make for a better afternoon Sunday: "You can race here now. You could race before, but you spent more time passing guys by knocking them out of the way."

• 2:00: Joey Logano was the fastest in the first practice round, followed by Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne. Biggest surprise? Kyle Busch, placing 38th. Bobby Labonte and Kevin Conway placed 44th and 45th.

• 2:35: Jeff Gordon threw a bit of cold water on the idea that the spoiler will change everything. "It'll give the cars a bit more downforce, so it'll make the drivers happier. But will it make the racing better? I don't know."

2:40: Also, Gordon is pleased that Michael Jordan is now owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, for what that's worth.

2:45: Gordon was asked the moment when he was taught a lesson in how to drive at the highest level: "Phoenix. 1993. Dale Earnhardt Sr. Me back-end into the wall. At the time I was pretty mad and didn't think I was deserving of it, but about six years later, I got it. I was racing way too hard for tenth place way too early in the race, and I deserved to be taught a lesson by the best guy to teach it."

3:00: Jimmie Johnson delivered an indictment of Keselowski: "He's got to stand up for what he feels is right for himself and his race team. But you just don't turn off a garage area as fast as he has for no reason. So he's got to work on that in my eyes." As for what Keselowski had done to tick off so many people? "When you come into the sport, especially at the top level as a rookie, if you like it or not, you're going to take a few lumps before you're given that opportunity to pass some out. And I believe he's come in and has passed out more bumps than he's taken."

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