Tony Stewart, blocking aficionado, is ticked at Joey Logano for blocking

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So Tony Stewart is going to "bust [Joey Logano's] ass" for blocking him on the final restart of Sunday's Auto Club 400.

What a hypocrite.

It was just a few years ago at Talladega when Stewart blocked Regan Smith, forcing him below the yellow line and almost into the infield, all in an effort to keep Smith from winning the race.

"Dumb little [expletive] runs us clear down to the infield. He wants to [expletive] about everybody else. He's the one who drives like a [expletive]. I'm going to bust his ass."

Regan Smith? Nope, that was Stewart after Sunday's race when Logano, trying to win the race, blocked him.

If there's anything we've learned over the years it's that Tony Stewart is rarely in the wrong. He wasn't when he spun Matt Kenseth in the 2006 Daytona 500, a wreck that nearly got Kenseth T-boned by a trailing car going 200 mph; he wasn't wrong when he wrecked Clint Bowyer at Pocono later that same year; he wasn't wrong when he wrecked Boris Said at Watkins Glen in 2010; he wasn't wrong when he wrecked Kenseth last year at Bristol.

If only there were more time.

Anyway, after Sunday's race Stewart hopped out of his car and launched at an unsuspecting Logano for the block, which Logano absolutely did. In fact, he admitted it.

"I wanted to block that because I knew if [Stewart] put me three-wide that would be the end of my race and I wouldn't win," Logano explained. "I was smart enough to realize that. Then I had to just do what I had to do to get to the front and try to win the race."

A little more background: Kyle Busch was the leader on the restart, meaning Logano couldn't beat him to the start/finish line, lest he be penalized. And when Busch, in an act of gamesmanship, held off the throttle at the drop of the green flag, that meant Logano had to too. That's why Stewart had such a run on him.

What would Tony Stewart have done in this situation?

Well, we know what he would have done because he's done it before: He blocks.

"I mean he's sent Denny [Hamlin] to the hospital and screwed our day up," Stewart said afterward. "He's talked the talk, but he hasn't walked the walk yet."

Logano hasn't walked the walk yet? This would be comical if Stewart weren't so serious.

Back in 2006, just days before the 5th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s death, Stewart was outspoken against the rough racing in that year's Bud Shootout, especially the way some drivers were bump drafting at Daytona.

So he said this: "Five years from now, we're probably going to have to do another tribute to another driver because we're probably going to kill somebody. It could be me. It could be Dale Earnhardt Jr." (Note: Days later, he dumped Kenseth in that Daytona 500 wreck mentioned above.)

Fast forward to last October at Talladega. Stewart had the lead, but Michael Waltrip was coming. So Stewart blocked him, and this happened:

"I was trying to win the race," Stewart said afterward. "I was trying to stay ahead of Matt [Kenseth]. Just a mistake on my part. … I screwed up. I turned down, it was my fault blocking trying to stay where I was at."

At least he admits it, but it was of little consolation to those caught up in the carnage he caused. Stewart wrecked 25 cars that day and Dale Earnhardt Jr. wound up with a concussion that kept him out of two races.

And so having watched what Logano did Sunday and what Stewart's done in the past, you be the judge as to who warrants a bigger ass whooping.

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