TMS's Eddie Gossage tries to out-Sheen Charlie Sheen

So, you heard about this Charlie Sheen fella? Seems like he's in a spot of trouble these days. But he also knows a thing or two about keeping himself in the news, and that's put him square in the sights of NASCAR's answer to P.T. Barnum: Texas Motor Speedway head honcho Eddie Gossage. And Eddie's none too happy with the competition:

Gossage, you'll recall, is the promotional genius responsible for getting a monkey to sell programs and getting a local DJ to change his name to "Texas Motor Speedway" for $100,000 (it was an April Fool's prank). Still, the man knows how to get (virtual) ink.

The Samsung Mobile 500 rolls on April 9. For more info, hit Texas Motor Speedway's website. Winning!

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