Tip: Don’t steal your date’s car, especially not during the date

Well, Michael Pratt is bold. Smart? Probably not.

While on a date at the movies, Pratt asked to borrow his date's car keys because he left something in the car. Innocent enough, right?

From the St. Petersburg Times:

She called him.

He laughed.

"I stole your car," said Michael Pratt, a 27-year-old from New Port Richey, according to the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

He hung up.

Believe it or not, Pratt got away with it for a while because the woman didn't call the sheriff's office until two days after the fateful date because Pratt wouldn't return her calls. Maybe he was a strict adherent of the 72 hour rule?

However, all dating rules probably go out the window after you've stolen your date's car. It would take a special bond for a stolen car not to come between people.

Ultimately, Pratt dumped the car in a Wal-Mart parking lot and was arrested on Wednesday. He was charged with grand theft auto, a crime he's already spent a year in jail for previously, among other things.

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