Terry Gilliam brings us 'The Legend of Hallowdega'

I never thought that Monty Python and NASCAR would hook up, but here we are. Terry Gilliam, one of the comic geniuses behind "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and other sacred texts I absorbed more than any textbook in college, has directed a short film entitled "The Legend of Hallow-Dega," a mock-serious look at the ghosts, legends and lore of one of NASCAR's most famous tracks. Here's the flick:

The first chapter ran during the race Sunday. You can find more on the "Legends of Tallowdega" website.

You know, I love the fact that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has to come on and state that this is a "fictional" look at 'Dega. I also think he deserves a shot as one of the Knights who say Ni.

So what did you think? Me, I'm pleased. Even though it's one giant commercial, even though it's hokey as hell in spots, I'll give Gilliam all the room he needs.