Stewart-Schumacher Racing? It's certainly interesting to think about

Seven time Top Fuel Champion Tony Schumacher has started to toss around the idea of retirement. It doesn't seem too imminent, and Schumacher says that even he doesn't know when that day will come. But one thing's for certain, he's not stepping back into the cockpit once he does retire.

“I will never come back and drive again,” Tony Schumacher said. “I may come back as a team owner and I may just work towards running a team. I know how to win, I have a great team, but more than that I know how to read a team and I’d hate to give that up and use that to build other good drivers so, it’s hard to say. You go away and miss it more than you’ve ever dreamt you’d miss it. I don’t know. Again, nobody will dictate what I do except me and my family. We’ll talk about that and make those decisions.”

It's not like Schumacher has a reason to go out and retire because he's running poorly. He won Sunday at Heartland Park Topeka, which until the weekend had been one of the two tracks (Atlanta is the other) that he'd never won at. And it was a great final too, as Schumacher beat teammate Cory McClenathan by a few feet thanks to a holeshot. (A holeshot is when the difference between a driver A and driver B's reaction time is greater than the elapsed time differential between driver B and driver A. McClenathan had a faster elapsed time than Schumacher, but Schumacher got off the line quicker.)

But when he does, Schumacher wants to stay in racing. He and Tony Stewart have become friends because Schumacher and Ryan Newman are both sponsored by the U.S. Army. And apparently, that racing doesn't necessarily have to be drag racing.

“I haven’t talked to (Stewart) about that at all (but) I haven’t ruled that out either,” Schumacher said. “I talked the other day about going over and owning something with Tony Stewart just to do something different and see a different perspective. But it’s not my specialty. It’s real hard to say how I would be of use over there other than being able to connect with sponsors and stuff like that where I have a lot of connections. In reality, it’s not about money but making things happen, and I can make it happen here. I know how to teach and train and work with drivers.”

The two best drivers named Tony joining forces? Hmm... that could be wild. Of course, the odds of it actually happening are pretty slim, but how many people thought three years ago that Stewart would be joining Haas CNC Racing?