'South Park' skewers NASCAR, mows down Danica

Wednesday night, "South Park" took on NASCAR, and the results were a whole lot more favorable than you might expect. Brief plotline: Cartman decides he wants to be a NASCAR driver, and in a sequence of events that would frustrate the hell out of longtime Nationwide vets, jumps straight into a Sprint Cup car — sponsored by Vagisil — and mayhem results.

The episode, which you can view in full right here, featured "cameos" by several of your favorite NASCAR drivers, including Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth above. More recognizable faces after the jump, as well as some spoiler-laden discussion.

So, in South Park, clearly Dale Earnhardt Jr. never left Bud (and apparently never got that extra "D" in his last name), Matt Kenseth never left DeWalt, and Danica Patrick is now a Sprint-level driver. Or, at least — spoiler alert — she is until Cartman runs her down. (You could hear the cheers from here to Daytona at that snippet.)

Other points: Cartman calls Jimmie Johnson "dumb as spit," and if someone doesn't bring that up to him at his Fontana press conference this week, I'll be sorely disappointed. Cartman also runs over a whole bunch of fans in the infield, which could be considered either a thinning of the fanbase or a mercy killing, depending on your perspective.

Finally, I'm done with South Park, because the 48 wins all the time! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

Check it out, see what you think. Report back here, o poor and stupid masses!

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