Someone at ESPN needs a spelling refresher [updated]

Oh, ESPN. We try to defend you, we do, against many of the chattering hordes here that find fault with everything and everyone associated with your NASCAR coverage. We're pretty satisfied with your broadcast work, and we understand that you have people on your payroll who are deeply interested and invested in NASCAR. We don't hate you just because we're told we're supposed to hate you. But then we see something like this from "SportsCenter":

Come on, folks. That's basic stuff. You invested millions in this sport; don't make yourself look foolish with a mistake like this.

[Hat tip: @DonRohr via @jeff_gluck]

Update: Oh, and before you go calling us out for this:

That's an automatically generated trend string from what people are typing into the search box. Learn to spell, people! It's not "Danny Hamlin," it's "First Loser!"

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