Sledding behind a fighter jet: kids, do NOT try this at home

OK, this isn't NASCAR. It isn't even automobile-related. But it's insanely cool (and stupid) nonetheless, and so we're sharing it with you. I mean, it's not like this fits in remotely at Big League Stew or Ball Don't Lie. Maybe Puck Daddy, but I got it first!

You ever tried sledding down a city street? Perhaps sledding behind a car? You're an amateur. Behold three lunatic Swedish dudes who (allegedly) go sledding behind a freaking fighter jet:

(Yes, this may be a fake. So what? Roll with it.) Now, our headline advises you not to try this at home, but that assumes you have a fighter jet around the house. Seriously, who's got one of these things just ready to tow some idiot buddies? And why didn't the pilot throttle up just a little bit and get the sledders off the ground just a touch?

(Via Neatorama)

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