After Seattle’s Super Bowl win, Kyle Busch gets to wear Seahawks gear at Daytona

Kyle Busch will be looking like a Seahawks fan in Daytona.

He and Kasey Kahne had a bet on Sunday night's Super Bowl, and after Kahne's Seahawks won, Busch will be wearing Seattle gear in a couple of weeks. And he may even have a personalized jersey. After the Seahawks caught wind of the bet between the two drivers, the team's official Twitter account tweeted this picture:

We'll give the Seahawks a pass on "Speedweek." After winning the Super Bowl, getting a NASCAR event's name right is probably not too high on the list of priorities.

Busch was at the game Sunday night wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. We'll avoid the joke asking if he could have played better than Manning. First, because it's preposterous, and secondly, have you seen Busch's performance when he's been in the Chase? (Yes, that's as low-hanging as asking if Tim Tebow would have done better last night.)

Congratulations to Kahne. Given that he was on the losing end of seemingly every encounter with Busch in 2013, he needed the win.

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