Scary wreck at Missouri State Fair during ‘Battle of the Badges’ race

At the Missouri State Fair, cops take to the track for a little amateur racing in an annual "Battle of the Badges" charity campaign. This, folks, ought to be proof positive that just because you can drive a car, you can't necessarily drive in a race. These guys are paid to drive cars, and drive them well after law-breakin' miscreants, and even they can't always keep the car on the track.

Here's the deal: Officer Tyson Russell's car got spun off the track, not unlike Mark Martin's on Sunday at Michigan, but unlike Martin's wreck there weren't barriers strong enough to catch the car. Five spectators were injured, with two hospitalized with more serious injuries.

The cars used in the race are mostly out-of-service Crown Vics, and the police officers are all off duty during the races.

This was the second wreck of the night; a 15-year-old boy flipped a sprint car and was airlifted to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

So, yeah: just because you can drive a car doesn't mean you can race one.

[Hat tip: Jalopnik]

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