All Saturday Talladega activities cancelled; doubleheader Sunday

Word has come down that all Saturday activities at Talladega have been cancelled, including the day's Nationwide race, because of harsh weather entering the area.

How harsh? The National Weather Service is reporting up to a 60 percent chance of severe weather, including potentially violent tornados. Talladega officials are recommending that people in the infield take down tents and get inside vehicles or into track buildings, like the Media Center, which will be open throughout the evening for safe haven. All joking aside, this is a potentially scary situation -- a tornado touching down with so many people out in the elements could be, well, very bad -- and so hopefully the people now at Talladega won't get anything worse than a little soaking.

This also means that there'll be another doubleheader on Sunday, with the Cup race kicking off at 1 p.m. Eastern and the Nationwide race starting after the conclusion of the first.

Whenever the races get started, they're going to be good ones indeed; practice speeds hit nearly 200 mph, with Jeff Burton registering 199.467 mph and Brad Keselowski just three one-thousandths of a second behind.

So those of you not in Talladega, get the weekend's tasks out of the way Saturday; you've got a full day of racing on Sunday. And anybody who's reading this in the infield, for heaven's sake, don't try to draft on a tornado.