Santa Hamlin gives away trip of a lifetime on Twitter

After losing out on a Sprint Cup championship in the final race of the year, Denny Hamlin, normally a prolific Twitterer, went silent for weeks. (Hey, you would too.) But when he began re-engaging his 40,000-plus followers early in December, he came through big.

Earlier in December, he casually mentioned that he'd be giving away an amazing gift on Christmas Day. All you had to do was answer a single question. Easy enough, right? No sponsor thanks, no hoops to leap through ... answer the question, and you get an all-expenses-paid trip anywhere you like. Nice, huh?

And here was the question:

Hamlin used the hashtag #11in11 to sort the answers, and the game was so popular on Christmas Day that the tag was the No. 3 trending topic on Twitter. Not bad!

The winner was Jennifer Meyering, who goes by the handle @Dizneydreamer on Twitter and who was the 11th person to guess the correct answer of 364. According to her Twitter feed, she'll be heading to the Brickyard 400, where she'll presumably meet Santa Hamlin.

Congrats to Dizneydreamer, and a nice job by Hamlin at spreading some Christmas cheer.

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