Rusty Wallace is running for Congress, but not that one

If you're an anonymous figure who decides to run for public office, the worst thing that can happen to you — well, worst not involving interns — is to face somebody with a famous name. Voters flock to celebrity; it's how [names redacted to avoid setting off a political firestorm in the comments] got elected.

Ah, but what about the other angle? What if you happen to have the same name as a celebrity? Could be a good thing, yes? Well, a certain candidate for Congress from Missouri is about to find out.

His name? Rusty Wallace.

No, he's not the Rusty Wallace. But here's the thing. The real deal lives just outside the same congressional district that's up for grabs. So that's likely to cause a little voter confusion. Add that to the fact that the "new" Rusty Wallace has never run for public office, and you've got the makings of a bona fide local-politics conspiracy. (It's like a NASCAR conspiracy, but far dorkier and with much tackier outfits.)

Anyway, best of luck to the Third Congressional District in Missouri. Though for this Rusty's sake, let's hope he has a better finish than the other one did at Talladega back in 1993.

(Thanks to Andy Hall over at the WWL for the tip.)

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