Running wide open: Your weekday Martinsville race thread

Weekday racing! Is there anything finer? Well, not if you have to work. That kind of sucks. But for those of you who can get to a television (or can sneak open the Yahoo! Sports NASCAR chat on your desktop) Monday is a fine day indeed.

Everybody's wondering if Jimmie Johnson is going to win his fourth race of six this season. And let's be honest, he probably is. But that shouldn't deter you from watching, chatting, and yapping right here about the race, now should it? Heck no. Look at Kasey Kahne there, all Fred Astaire-like while he sings in the rain. You think he's going to mail it in just because Jimmie's going to win? Nope, and neither should you. Get on it in the comments and on the chat, and enjoy the weekday racing!

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