Running wide open: the Kobalt Tools/Atlanta comment thread

ATLANTA, GA. -- The Marbles is live from Atlanta, and that means we're going to be bringing you along for all kinds of inside-the-infield action. (Not inside-the-garage. They don't let us near that place after that incident with the arc welder.*) Anyway, you can follow me on Twitter at @jaybusbee as I give updates from throughout the garage and infield throughout the morning. During the race, I'll be doing the live chat out on the mothership. But feel free to hang here and chat about whatever comes into your mind in greater detail. Race starts a little after 1 p.m. Eastern, and the pole is held by that fella there at right, Dale something-or-other. Enjoy the race!

*-To my bosses: I'm kidding. I'm not banned. I blamed the "incident" on some ESPN guys.

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