Running wide open: The Gatorade Duel open thread

Welcome to Running Wide Open, an ongoing series where we'll open the doors to you for live commentary on this year's races. The Gatorade Duels begin at 2pm today, and there's no shortage of action and potential storylines. How will the Hendrick crew do starting at the back of the pack? Will Sterling Marlin et. al. make the Daytona field, or will they be ushered to an unceremonious early exit? Will we have more dustups like the Busch-Stewart affair last week?

So skip out of work, turn on the SPEED Channel, and then come back here to vent your thoughts as the race happens. Channel your inner Waltrip and let's get it on! We'll be here, popping in and out for updates. And chances are, you'll get done in time to take your Valentine out to dinner ... if you're settled down enough to eat, that is.

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