Roll Tide: Reutimann's Bama-themed helmet up for auction

If there's someone special in your life who's a fan of both Alabama football and NASCAR fan -- and really, I'd bet that if they're the first, they're also the second -- then you owe it to yourself to bust open the bank account and bid on this fine piece of Tide-themed memorabilia.

What you're looking at is the exact helmet David Reutimann wore in the Talladega spring race to commemorate Alabama's 2009 National Championship. (Now that's how you win over the local fans.) While the Tide magic didn't carry over to the 00 Aaron's Dream Machine, Reutimann nonetheless finished 14th.

The helmet is signed by both Reutimann and Nick Saban, who surprisingly didn't spot a helmet he liked better and stop halfway through signing. It'll hit ebay this coming Friday and run through Sunday, November 7th. The auction will benefit the David Reutimann Foundation, and more details are available on Reuti's website right here.

Should I make a joke about Bama fans and better uses for college funds? Nah, I'm in a good mood. But go get this helmet, Bama fans!