Robby Gordon storms through the Dakar Rally

Say what you will about Robby Gordon as a NASCAR driver, the dude has the lug nuts to race anything, anytime, anywhere. He's at the Dakar Rally right now, and after three stages, sits in second place, just 54 seconds out of first.

Now, even though the rally is named for Dakar, Senegal, it's run in South America now, thanks to that nasty habit African countries have of getting overthrown. We'll keep you updated, or you can follow the action from the official website. And for you Robby Gordon fans out there, keep up with your boy over at Planet Robby, where they'll be covering his every mile. Kilometer? Whatever.

Above, Gordon's start, where he pulled off a lovely burnout right in front of perhaps-not-so-smart crowds before launching into the race. You don't need a translator, do you?