Robby Gordon, pulled over for speeding? Say it ain't so!

That right there appears to be none other than Robby Gordon his own bad self, pulled over by a member of North Carolina's finest. Gordon was allegedly driving his No. 7 Toyota at a high rate of SPEED (emphasis added) on Interstate 77 in Huntersville, N.C., when Johnny Law arrived. No charges were filed, and Gordon was sent on his way.

Even stranger was this video that showed up on Robby's site on Friday:


As it turned out, this was something of a publicity stunt for Speed Energy, an energy drink sponsoring Gordon on Sunday at Talladega. So there you go. Still, it does bring up a good point: Why not hold races on highways, huh? Aside from that whole hundreds-of-miles-of-carnage factor, it sounds like a fine idea.