Rick Perry for sponsor! Governor hooks up with Labonte

There's no denying that NASCAR and those that follow it lean (fall over?) to the right, so a Rick Perry appearance at next week's race at Texas Motor Speedway wouldn't be much of a surprise.

After all, Perry is the Republican Governor of Texas and after soundly defeating Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Republican primary, is facing off with former Houston Mayor Bill White in the general election.

But Perry is doing more than just appearing at the racetrack. His campaign is sponsoring Bobby Labonte's #71 TRG car.

You may remember that Kirk Shelmerdine had a Bush/Cheney car at one point during the 2004 season. The FEC actually sent Shelmerdine an official admonishment letter because Shelmerdine put the decal on the car himself.

It may seem a little early for Perry to be campaigning, but the second Texas race is after the election, so this was Perry's only chance to attract that coveted "NASCAR Dads" demographic. But if you're an undecided Texas voter and the #71 car next weekend sways you to vote in November for Perry, you need to rethink your priorities.

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