Reports: Eldora Restart Cone in critical condition; prognosis uncertain

Just as the Cone family was getting over the loss of Talladega Commitment Cone in November, the news arrived Wednesday night that a cousin of TCC, Eldora Restart Cone, brutally suffered at the bumper and axle of Ron Capps.

Captured below is a screenshot taken just before the gruesome impact. (Warning: the pictures after the jump are graphic and may be unsuitable to those with an affinity for road construction. Click at your own risk.)

However, thanks to the quick action of Eldora Speedway's Rob Blackfoot, there's a chance that ERC will survive. Had Mr. Blackfoot not been so proactive in attempting to stop Capps, there's no telling what internal injuries that ERC would have suffered had Capps continued to drag him around the Eldora dirt.

It is not known if Capps will face assault and battery charges but sources close to Capps indicated that he was very remorseful when he exited his car after the Prelude and immediately wanted to know the condition of ERC.

Mr. Blackfoot's heroic actions might have saved ERC's life. After extracting ERC's mangled body from the rear axle of Capps' car, Mr. Blackfoot quickly had ERC transported to a local shed, where we await further status updates. We will continue to update this post when information comes available. Meanwhile, the Cone family would appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers as they suffer through another family tragedy.

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